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Hello There! Welcome to my sewing/maker / photographing blog!

This is my wild mini-lab where I do and try all kind of things, and share it. Cause things are much funnier while shared — doing things but never showing em sounds pretty boring in the long run. And that’s what I’ve been doing most of my life, so, I decided to give a try for something new.

As my profession, I work in creative field with computer, so one can only image that sometimes using other creative medium is quite refreshing.

As in general, I’m a Finnish hayback doing some nobby mitting , kecks and other dunnage.

but whats with the name of this blog, you might ask?

The thing is that I’m quite obsessed with some weird facts, history and kinda various random things.

I love em like the devil loves holy water.

My interest of vintage and antique items and clothes lead me to start learning sewing, and to do some vintage-style clothes.

For some school project, I studied victorian era english slang words, (I’m studying game design also). So the blog name comes from there. Doesn’t mean anything really. Scandal water means tea, afternoonified is person who is, or thinks that is “intellectual”. Sounds funny together.

That’s it, you shiny strangers.