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    Tartan and Lace of the jungle

    Hello all you absorbed cabbages and wicked stockings. Something about month ago it got into the day that I had provenly walked 1 year more in this planet. I got into this age, where some people I knew get their first kids and bought a homes. However, for me age really doesn’t matter, it matters what’s inside. And inside of me, there’s seriously old, and tremendeously bad tempered grumpy man. A man who mostly just wants to be left alone in silence. From my significant otter I got amazing gifts, like, an victorian era measurement tool, and sewingbooks. The other of the sewingbooks were Tilly and the Buttons’ Love at…

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    The Sewingstains monster

    Do you have time to talk about boleros? When I started sewing, which, was like, yesterday, I had trouble to find any vintage styled patterns free. You know, after using all your rusty pennies in the machine and some fabrics, the first patterns to simply practise, they could be free, right? Right? Yes. So, therefore, I hopped in the rabbit hole and started to wander around interwebs. I got the itch for getting a sewing machine from YouTubers like Rachel Maksy and Bernadette Banner. But many of their videos don’t include physical old patterns or paid / selfmade ones, so I couldn’t use their help now. After sometime, I found…

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    What to wear in the eternity box?

    Aren’t we all ending into earth-bath afterall? When there are so many fashion blogs and articles about, like, what to wear in xx happening, and what is the right dress code to work parties, etc, I think we have forgotten one essential thing. It is: What to wear in eternity box? I mean, in the casket? Since open funerals aren’t a thing anymore, it probably won’t matter. We don’t even go as whole bodies to six feet under anymore. No grave, no earthbath..It kinda gives me the morbs sometimes, even though I was too young to make decisions about that back then. But what did people used to then wear…