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Look! There’s another one!

Hello, it was finally some time for another vid!

Still feels stupid and I hate my own voice, but editing is very fun and srsly, one needs to shout quite loudly to get views on the webs nowadays.

So why not then just upload it here in my little corner of the interwebs.

Maybe some like-minded person likes it, who knows. Since I’m busy with daily work and evening school, this video and blog stuff drops just every now and then, whenever I feel like it! So don’t worry, not gonna spam with random stuff too often.

The vid is about making the blouse for the Victorian/Edwardian era dress project I have. The pattern is Truly Victorias TVE41, I am still a very beginner at this sewing stuff, but managed to do this well, so I recommend this pattern! 🙂 There’s a lot of other cool patterns too on their website.

I decided to make also crappy and dramatic teaser video for this 4 min youtube video, for Instagram causes.

Btw, my editing in the final youtube video got some influence from the 2000’s Guy Ritchie movie Snatch. Yes, very far from sewing I know. Still, one never knows where the inspiration comes from. It’s a good movie, goes well with dark humor and a boring evening. Maybe you even know which parts I got the inspiration?

Here’s the mini teaser, that’s just inspired of some generic drama stuff and 90’s school lecture video fade-outs.

Oh, and here’s the link for the real video! 🙂


Good bye you winter cucumbers!

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