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Look! A vid!

The vid is about 3d-printing on a piece of fabric, and creating this kind of “mourning veil”

I went and added my little face into the human void tube now too. Making one video took some time, and I did mostly enjoy the editorial part and learning to use the adobe premiere software. I have all adobe software in my use, cause of my job, so it’s nice to get more out of the money I carry for them.

Making this video took 3 months, or even more. It did go through many different versions. I actually 3d-printed that whole gown in last autumn. So, that’s whats happens in the real backgrounds of internet.

Of course, If I wouldn’t be terribly busy, and if this would be really important for me, then I would have made it faster. Slightly horrified of being present in such a way on the web, I’m also slightly happy that it’s hard to get noticed nowadays.

When I was a kid, we were scared off in the school by telling how one photo stays on the web forever, haunting you and keep coming back alive even you swore to have destroyed it the last time. This is really a true thing, but also, the amount of content is so huge nowadays, that one easily just stays as one voice in the void.

It’s a miracle that I have 3 subscribers and 13 viewers. I don’t watch much youtube, cause of lack of time, but there are a few I follow more or less regularly. Sadly I started to feel that a lot of sewing-related content is about “look, I made this / that” and after a while that kept me away from watching anymore. I felt that many vids didn’t provide more than to show off. However, I do understand, that for many hobbyists, it’s still interesting to see what other hobbyists have been doing. And also, one human making a video in their free time can’t always be funny, educational, or done with an amazing amount of research. Most of the time probably not.

And here I am too; just telling what I have done, even there is multiple similar 3d-printing on fabric vids in the void-tube. Enjoy!


A little part of it. The vid itself is about 5 mins. I don’t have embedding on youtube, so most follow the link.

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