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Easy birb brooch in Victorian style

Ever wanted an antique brooch, but then again, didn’t buy one? For me, it’s like that, and the reason I haven’t bought one is that I have plenty of craft supplies at the home. So buying a “new” brooch is just right now not needed, since I kinda should use all these DIY items I have bought. Old items have special meaning for me, since they have stories, and have seen some life. That also makes me almost scared to use them sometimes. I don’t want to broke or lose an old piece of amazing artwork. Even though, things kinda are meant to be used.

First I wanted to try to make those historical hair jewelries, or use some dried flowers, film negatives and whatnot. Or just some plain stone. But then again, I felt that those are quite all seen now.

But then I got the idea of trying some birb feathers! (aka bird, but birb is what we millennials use now, mainly cause of Imgur and memes)…

I did this with a couple of those easter card leftover feathers, and some jewelry glass tile with the suitable back part. Often you can buy these together in one package.

Diy bird feather glass pendant

The procedure was quite simple; First I took a couple of feathers I liked, cut them into suitable pieces, and then glued them into the base part. This can be quite tricky, if the glue ends up on top of the feathers, well, then it’s maybe going to be visible when it dries. I used some basic colorless quick glue. After this was dry, I glued the glass tile on the top, mostly by putting glue only in the corners of the feathers, and corners of the metal base part. After it dried, I tested that it attached well. Seemingly this worked, since I’ve been doing these now two pieces (the other is a ring) and used them in normal life, and they still hanging on!

The ring version
Birb choker in use

Ring to rule em all.

That’s it this time my little scream baskets!

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