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Mission Underwear: Corset making

I never imagined that I will put an image of myself in my underwear on the internet. But it has come into this now. I also never knew that one could need a HAMMER when doing a corset, but it is a true story.

For my defense, if any is needed, I managed to make an underwear set that covers me almost from ankle to neck. It’s the classic Edwardian era “grandma” underwear. Totally a way to stand out in these days, with all the “Only Fans” Instagram bikini photos. Somebody should by the way make that kind of “Only Fans” account, showing off em ankle a little bit every now and then. Would totally be a hit! Cash me outside.

I made the whole set of underwear, except socks (those are coming up later). In my set, there’s a chemisette, trousers, hip pad, corset, bust pad, corset cover, and petticoat. This post is about the corset.

This corset is made with Truly Victorians TVE01 Edwardian era corset pattern

I decided to go with the TEV01 Edwardian corset just solely based on the looks. While I think classic Victorian era corsets look nice, somehow I got to make one Edwardian version first, cause of all the lace in the front, a little bit longer front piece, and the funny little curvature in hips. This was not a beginner corset makers pattern, but I decided to give it a try, and for my first corset ever, I think it came out just fine!

For fabric, I used some random cotton fabric I got very cheaply. Meaning I got 10m of that fabric just with 20e. Wonders of thrift stores. I wonder will I ever be that lucky again..

When your underwears covers more than normal summer clothes..

I got the front busk and back lacing from Sew Curvy webshop. I actually had already started the corset already before ordering the busk, so, cause I had the fabric pieces already cut, it was somewhat easier to measure which sized busk would fit the best. In the TVE01 pattern, one can choose how long corset they want to make in each end. I decided to make the one that is medium-sized from the upper part, so it doesn’t actually cover boobs, but neither stays under them either.

It’s actually slightly too big..

I had some trouble with measuring since I somewhat happened to be breast -waist-hip wisely in all 3 different categories. As a result, it has some more boob space than I intended. This model is meant to be used with bust and hip pads, so in that sense, it’s not a catastrophe — just that I actually can’t tighten my waist area almost at all. So for the figure, this won’t affect, but I’m sure some more experienced person could have made the pattern work properly. For corset making, being able to draft your own pattern would probably give the best result.

Otherwise, I think it was a doable pattern even for the first timer — but of course, I do have some funny little details there and there. I did this quite fast in my Christmas holiday, but I’m sure the hours were something like 22+h, etc..some things needed to be done by trial and error. But I have never been this hyped about sewing, and I think this was amazing project, cause it had so much about engineering in it.

Inside boning is made with “Artificial whale bone”, aka, plastic .

The most boring part was sewing the boning channels. I didn’t buy pre-made boning channels, so, that made it an even extra boring and repetitive task to do. For next time I would totally just buy pre-made ones. The front lace I got from some local fabric store here in this small town, and that was last of some 80’s pack they had. Sadly.

Overall I’m very happy with this, and the first days when it was ready, I couldn’t keep my eyes out of it. I left it on my workroom’s sofa, and once just looked it all over again and again and again. I posted Instagram stories so much that I decided to do separate account for my sewing stuff. Just for the sake of others. It goes with the name of this blog, just fyi..;)

It’s like combining pyjamas and business clothes. 1900’s power dressing..
Oh my god, fine lady never shows up in her underwears. Specifically in a zoom call.

Alrighty Aphrodites!

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