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Grab your eyeball and look

We have here in Finland an idiom, which is literally translated as: “Put your eye into your hand and look”. That’s used mostly if somebody is looking for something, which, is literally in front of them, and they still won’t manage to see it. Then you might answer this, in with somewhat frustrated tone.

Another similar idiom is “to poke a stick into the eye of a person who looks back on things”. It’s meant to be used in situations when somebody wants to use past happenings as a tool in argument or disagreement. My translations weren’t probably the most fluence ones. But hey, free random facts.

The reason for this post is, that I did some fast pincushion ring before Halloween. Cause I’m simultaneously lazy ass and busy, I’m writing about it only now.

The idea is simple, and somewhat copied of some pincushion ring I saw in some cheap “1e store” kind of place. Seeing such a thing the first time, I of course were fascinated and needed to purchase it immediately. I do also use it. However, I’m not so much into romantic flower patterns. I’m more into almost gothic kind of stuff and had just got into the world of macabre mourning jewelry of the victorian era. In the 1800s there were rings, which had a glass prosthesis eyeball of the dead one. Take a google on your cursor and look.

So, I thought that would be a great design for the pincushion. Then one could literally stick pins into some eyeball, how relaxing is that.

Is this like somekind of voodoo doll as well? Maybe..?
One kind of way to sew your eyeball together. (The pincushion one, not the real one, gurl)!
In our series of doing embroidery with single instruction reading. The ring and back part are from the craft store. Basically both sewed and glued in place.
Might be hard to sew when somebody is constantly watching..

Another lovely craft idea, isn’t it! And there’s totally enough time to do it for next Halloween!

For the next time, you fortune potatoes!

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