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Let’s be Derp together

The valentines gift season is coming, and usually, it’s so hard to decide what to give. It should be both practical, and funny. You know. Hard combo to find.

If the future gift receiver is anyhow into sewing, one can give a very lovely teacup pincushion. It’s very instagrammable, and pinterest is full of ideas of how to do one. Old teacups cost around just under 1e in local fleamarket. The more horrible rose ornament teacup one found, the cheaper it is usually.

So, back in the funny business. Very overly romantic teacup can be funny as it is, if one gives it to the person whose personal style and values are far from it. Example of a typical idea of a truck driver. Think about very big and hairy, and unhygienic truck driver, coming to rest into that place full of other hairy big dudes, in a room full of girl calendars etc. Cheap cigarettes are burning, and coffee is black. Our man takes his thermal bottle, and his own ROSE-PAINTED ornamental coffee cup and fills it. Everybody stares. One can cut the silent atmosphere with a knife, and one of the men adds it to his plate.

But I believe that truck drivers having a sewing hobby are a very rare specimen. Most likely your friend is not one.

So how to add fun for “normal people?”

Well, I have a killer solution for you!

Here it is! (It is very derp).

Hello there

With simple and fast embroiding, one can do stupid things. Faces, words, things like that for instance. Then by adding a laced or other kind of canvas edge around the cushion itself, that mortified picture can be hidden….until at some point the new owners opens it. It is possible that it takes years, weeks, or happens never. But, with almost transparent lace one can at least give a small hint about what’s waiting inside…

I started this project with a clearly trying to make old school laughing moon kind of a picture. I have no previous experience of embroiding, or excat embroiding tools.

This old derp face was the one I tried.

Then comes the drawing part..
Well, not excatly what I thought..
Add some lace trimmings..the butt is not very beutiful.
Ready! So beautiful from the side..
What’s inside will shock you..
Just another overly romantic pincushion of Instagram
Say hello to my little friend…

Maybe you get a littlebit better idea? Anyways, valentines coming, you delicate cupboard fruits!

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