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The blouse to fly an umbrella

I don’t know exactly what is my opinion of the loved children books character Mary Poppins. I might have something against her just because she’s so amazingly and unrealistically confident, happy, and energetic. Like, I thought this even as a kid. But I did things against Winnie the pooh, (and almost every character there except the owl and kangaroo) Dr. Seuss, and what not. Mostly I liked the side characters much more than the main.

And the same goes for Mary Poppins. As a 6 year old kid I absolutely loved the chimney sweeper man who got to take the watchers up into roofs, and had a very catchy song, which wasn’t catchy in an annoying way.

Do I want to dress up like that chimney sweeper and make a sewing project about it? Maybe later.

For Mary Poppins, it’s the iconic clothes and accessories people mostly remember her about. Maybe also the ability to fly with an umbrella.

Big bag, and umbrella, and funny shoes. It is kinda like 1800’s business power dressing. Who wouldn’t like that? It’s simply amazing. Maybe I also get to be happy, sharp, and energetic, maybe I can even fly with an umbrella. Who knows. The dress makes the woman.

So, I had this old sewing magazine, which had an article about a musical version of Mary Poppins in a theater here. Exactly the version I had seen as a teenager. I think was the only and last time I’ve been in a musical, which is sad, cause it was absolutely amazing.

The magazine had some patterns of the character’s clothes used in it, and there was this iconic shirt.

For now all my patterns go to project based plastic sheets, but, I’m looking forward to find better solution..

For this I also got finally fitting doll, which was good, since project Tartan and Lace had some hard to fit in sleeves. I’m still sure, that getting any really fitting fitting doll, one must make it herself somehow.

The magazine had these pattern sheets, which makes your patterns to be covered by other trillion patterns. All in different colours and outline styles. These patterns are the ones that kept me away from sewing years, but now I was stronger. After few years in working life, I knew I can hold much more disordering things. This is nothing.

An important thing while cutting was to get the stripes in the fabric to fit right in the pattern. By the way, I got the fabric from a thrift shop with 2 e, and I still have lots of it. There were some stains, which luckily washed easily away. Thrift store findings can take time and effort, but after finding good things you kinda feel like Indiana Jones.

Fitting the stripeys to my shirt parteys

After cutting the parts, I tried them on my new fitting doll. I had no idea how to do it properly; I haven’t still even looked it up. But I found a way that worked for me, and I don’t yet feel that I even need to look at any special techniques for this yet.

The doll is quite my size. Boobs and waist are too big, however, the waist is kinda proper. Like many women, I have also found out that I’m made of two different sizes –the upper body is S, sometimes even SX, and hips are M or even L.

At this part I was totally hyped; it’s going to be amazing!
All kind of things were tried..
I mean, all.

With sewing, everything went smoothly and fine until it was time for the second sleeve. And joining the collar. And the cufflinks…

It took all I had in patience and at one point, I believed that only stupidness kept me going.

I made the second sleeve again and inserted the cufflink wrong way again.

Couple of button holes were too small for buttons.

Collar was slightly tilted after inserting.

However, after the long and endless battle, it was finally done. There were things I had fixed. Then there were things I could rip out and fix once again, like the collar. But I decided to live with it. The battle had given me zen powers. In the end, nothing won’t matter, and until that I can always fix it later. In silent agreement, the last of the fixing was moved into the magical “someday in the future” -state.

I think I got what it takes to renovate old house. Someday…

Wore it in collodium wetplate portrait. Took with real 1800’s camera. Bf is the photographer wizard who studied this very analogic technology and took the photo.

That’s it. Keep on truckin’ dynamic chocolates!

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