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Tartan and Lace of the jungle

Hello all you absorbed cabbages and wicked stockings.

Something about month ago it got into the day that I had provenly walked 1 year more in this planet. I got into this age, where some people I knew get their first kids and bought a homes.

However, for me age really doesn’t matter, it matters what’s inside. And inside of me, there’s seriously old, and tremendeously bad tempered grumpy man. A man who mostly just wants to be left alone in silence.

From my significant otter I got amazing gifts, like, an victorian era measurement tool, and sewingbooks. The other of the sewingbooks were Tilly and the Buttons’ Love at first stitch. It’s amazing, and have beginner friendly vintage inspired patterns.

From there, I really got the feeling that I must get to do the Mimi Blouse. It looked nice and easy enough. After couple of dresses and a bolero, a blouse would be nice add.

I already had the materials, which were from a local store here called Eurokangas. They sell some randomly sized cheaper end of the packs. I chose them mostly cause of their outlook and cheapness, to be honest. For a while I had an idea to do blouse or t-shirt for my boifuriendo using only lace in the bodice and tartan in the sleeves — just to make things weird. Some old army marks and pins could been added too. In my opinion it would been very beano.

Sadly that project never went to the approval stage, and I decided to use these materials for the Mimi. Not the best choice maybe, since these kinds of fabrics act differently and have different weights and etc. But the idea of Tartan and Lace together had already stuck in my stubborn large head.

Wild Tartan and sophisticated Lace

The project itself is having some darts and basic things. The new skill to learn here is gathering, which, was first confusing but in the end fun. With gathering the fabric parts get nicely “wrinkled” in the seam area, and gives this fancy effect:

While doing this project I also created new pincushion from a 3d-printed skull I had done previously. I used some left over Tartan for it and now it looks like it’s a scottish skull.

I created it from Thigiverse file here:


Thingiverse is place for free 3d-models, where private people share their creations with rest of the world. I say it’s really worth of a look.

The pincushion is printed with Flashforge Finder printer I have, and material is PLA-filament. With all the details it has ( based in scan of an real old skull ) printing time was around 5-6 hours.

Named it Ernest.

Introducing you: Ernest

Later on Ernest got even painted on and photographed, mainly cause he inspired / manipulated our household photographer. It might hold a candle to the devil…Nowadays I do every project together with Ernest.

The sleeves were hard this time to sew in right way, but that might been just lack of practise. For the buttons I used pryms diy canvas buttons, so I could use the same lace fabric there too.

Despite all the hideous problems with the collar and sleeves, Mimi finally got ready.

I might have walked on the crossroad in the midnight and sold my soul to Ernest.

Still not a master seamstress anyways..

“I heard you spoke bad about Ernest..”
This black skirt here I did as my very first sewing project after a decade. More about it later.

That’s it, telling snails, until the next time!

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