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The Sewingstains monster

The birth of the Sewingstains bolero.....

Do you have time to talk about boleros?

When I started sewing, which, was like, yesterday, I had trouble to find any vintage styled patterns free. You know, after using all your rusty pennies in the machine and some fabrics, the first patterns to simply practise, they could be free, right? Right?


So, therefore, I hopped in the rabbit hole and started to wander around interwebs. I got the itch for getting a sewing machine from YouTubers like Rachel Maksy and Bernadette Banner. But many of their videos don’t include physical old patterns or paid / selfmade ones, so I couldn’t use their help now.

After sometime, I found place which listed some free vintage patterns — and I found this — just right in my style!

As you see, the collar inserting skill is still is under construction

So how did this Sewingstains monster come alive..?

This is not actually a real Sewingstains monster. This is kind of the opposite; instead of building up, and assembling patterns together, I simple decided to use only one part of a pattern. I know. For a beginner seamstress, I’m such a sewingstein. Cash me outside.

Btw, is somebody haven’t already copyrighted Sewingstains monster, I shall do it!

Back to monsters, this one didn’t need a lightning stroke to get alive. My real surname has something to do with the god of lightning and thunders, but I still haven’t received that skill, even though it’s rightfully something I should have…

In my deep travels into the free vintage pattern land, I found one blog called With my hands -dream, which, had a very nice free dress pattern. Here’s a link:

There’s also plenty of other useful and interesting things too, so, go and check it out!

For a beginner like me, it was good level up with the bodice having some darts — I had never done any, or maybe once in a highschool? Felt new anyways.

Also, I get to use interfacing, sew buttons, and the armholes had tiny gatherings too — or I just made there anyways.

For the material, I used old bedsheet — great way to study things on a budget.

However, the bedsheet was beige — not really what I was looking for. So, I dyed it with Dylons wash & dye velvet black color. The result could been darker, but, next time I’ll try with more..

As one can see, the color is more — grey. The oldness of the material also makes it already look old — like it’s “repro vintage”.

But the sewingstains monster shouldn’t look like it’s from fresh parts, right?

I got some minor issues with few things I wasn’t excepting, but that only made it look more like it’s having monster kind of stitches around. I have also started to believe, that lace and another kind of fancy things were just invented to cover mistakes..

Anyhow, the result is still usable, and I have already gone with it to many public places. It has its own hanger in the closet now. And it’s waiting to get outside again…

Here we are. It got lace in it, might get also in the collar in the future. Created also skull pincushion. More about it later. The skirt is also self-made.
The collar is living it’s best life, as the hemline.
This disney princesses side kick is a flying skull pin cushion.

x And they lived the rest of their lives together happily ever after x

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