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What to wear in the eternity box?

Aren’t we all ending into earth-bath afterall?

When there are so many fashion blogs and articles about, like, what to wear in xx happening, and what is the right dress code to work parties, etc, I think we have forgotten one essential thing. It is:

What to wear in eternity box? I mean, in the casket?

Since open funerals aren’t a thing anymore, it probably won’t matter. We don’t even go as whole bodies to six feet under anymore. No grave, no earthbath..It kinda gives me the morbs sometimes, even though I was too young to make decisions about that back then.

But what did people used to then wear and why? That’s actually gonna take us so far in the sidequest, that’s better leave it to be it’s own post..

I also decided to make some “funeral attendant” dress for myself. Maybe it could be also used when my number’s up

When I lay down the knife and fork… When I leave the table… When I’m out of the game…Etc etc…

But that’s about the dark humor. I made my funeral lady dress from an old Burda pattern, which I found from the local recycling center. It was probably from the seventies/eighties. It has two patterns in it. Some old folk had already cut down the pattern A — but luckily I was into pattern B.

Lay your lamps around this, my first dress ever!

Anyways, the pattern itself made me look fat, even though I used the right size (in my opinion). I made a belt to wrap around it. So it looks thinner now. Before that it was quite shapeless, cause the pattern was made for draped fabrics, not structured.

Also, I added some lace and made it from thicker fabric. So now its real design. <I hacked it />.

While writing this, I even found out that there should be that small bow thingy behind the dress. Well, forgot.

Sadly this patter needed to be cutted out — it was too hard to see trough my own blueprint paper.

The buttons were easy peasy lemon squeezy. Mostly cause my sewing machine came with this button maker feet thingy. Anyways, sewing the lace, was difficult difficult, lemon difficult.

In this phase, I already knew it’s going to be too big..
Tadaa! Finally ready!
This is were I actually look like a flight attendant. Might be this is a flight attendant suit for Magpie flights: Wear black and collect anything shiny.

For a beginner, this was quite an easy project to do, which, is great, so everybody can do something fancy for the very last party of theirs. Or just make a simple 40’ish walking suit by adding a bolero to this. That, and a post about historical funeral clothes, might be my future topics. Victorian mourning suits are one of my #1 interest.

So long reactions for this dress have been:

1 .”Amazing, is that the thing you did yourself? So cool! It even has lace!”

-my friend

2. Some suspiciously long looks from old women. I do not know why. I’m worried.

-old ladies

Until next time, fellas!

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