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Hello birbs and blokes!

This is my first blog post since the high school philosophy blog project. That’s wacko.

You might think where have you landed? In that case, please go and read my awesome “Read Me” -page. It haves the answers. All of em.

Basically, this is my share digital lab space for weird things I get into. There’s a lot of those things. Like, 3d-printing, 3d-modeling, sewing, antique, photography, and so on. Some of em are totally coopered, some of em not.

I’m learning and doing various things in my free time, example currently I’m learning some very outdated fashion making. And learn other weird things on the side.

There are too many projects and ideas always, that it’s hard to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I need to vent it out somewhere. This blog is one project more. One hobby more.

Welcome to my digital wasteland.

Btw, I bought some old school knitting machine and stuff. That woman above there, that’s propably me in near future.

Have a day, and welcome!

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